Promax BDA award winning senior motion designer / art director / director.  Working with a variety of motion design firms, networks and agencies in Los Angeles and New York, projects include: Nike, A&E, EA Games, CNN, Disney, Discovery Networks, Fuel TV, Showtime, TNT, TBS, Hallmark, Time-Warner, Professional Bull Riders, Longhorns Network, Spike Jonze.

Current focus includes: Design, Pitch Development, Look Dev, Blue Sky, 2D & 3D Animation (C4D) / X-Particles / Redshift, Live Action Direction, Branding & Identity, etc. Currently learning Houdini. Reel credits located at the bottom of the page.  Storyboards and Style Frames here.  Music Industry Design here.

motion graphics

Longhorns Network – 3D Pitch Design (Loyalkaspar) PROMAX GOLD WINNER        The Bracket – MSG Network – Design (Loyalkaspar) PROMAX SILVER WINNER

IG-88 vs. Maria – Spec Design / Animation / C4D / Redshift / Kitbash / Mixamo

Star Trek – Spec Design / Animation / C4D / Redshift / X Particles

DJI Mavic 2 – Spec Design / Animation / C4D  / Redshift  / X Particles 

Professional Bull Riders / NBC Sports – 3D Design (Loyalkaspar)

Cloo – 3D Pitch Design (Loyalkaspar)

Nike, Timberland collab – 3D Design Team / Co-Animation (National TV)

Speed. Animation (Loyalkaspar)

Mythbusters / Discovery Channel – Design / Animation (Loyalkaspar)

Disney XD – 3D Design team / Animation (Loyalkaspar)

Fuel – Design team / Co-Animation (Loyalkaspar)

A&E – Colorist / Editorial / Animation (Loyalkaspar)

Conan O’Brien – 3D Pitch Design (Thornberg and Forester)

Jeff Angell – Director / Animation (Suspended In Light)

Chris Cornell, various – Director / Design / Animation (Suspended In Light)

Soundgarden, Black Hole Sun, live visuals – Director (Suspended In Light)

Soundgarden, Superunknown, live visuals – Director (Suspended In Light)

Girl Skateboards / Spike Jonze – Yeah Right! – Compositor / Rotoscope

All Souls – Winds – Director / Designer (Suspended In Light)

Elvin Jones – Director / Design / Animaton  (Universal Records)

John Coltrane – Director / Design / Animaton  (Universal Records

Praegressus Infinite – Director – Visual art piece for Leo Kuelbs Collection

Ouroboros (Tail Devourer) – Director – Visual art piece for Leo Keulbs Collection


Director / Designer / Editor / Animator
Nirvana, Nevermind 30th – Worldwide Marketing Design – Digital-Print-Video-OOH
GNR, Use Your Illusion 30th – Worldwide Marketing Design – Digital-Video
Amy Winehouse, Singles Box Set – 3D Unboxing
Janet Jackson – 3D Vinyl Reissues
Allman Brothers – Package Design & 3D Unboxing
Soundgarden, Badmotorfinger 25th – Package Design & 3D unboxing
Blues Traveler – Tour Trailer
Dropkick Murphys – Tour Trailer
Candlebox – Tour Trailer
Trillionaire – Package Design & Tour Trailer
Rush – Marketing Design & Apple Animated Covers
Weezer – Apple Animated Cover
Megadeth – Apple Animated Covers
INXS – Apple Animated Cover
Def Leppard – 3d Unboxing
Diana Ross – Animated Cover
Rob Zombie – 3D Unboxing
Jay-Z – Lenticular Animation for Vinyl LP
D12 – Lenticular Animation for Vinyl LP
NKOTB – Motion Marketing / Apple Animated Cover

music video

Director Reel (live action / 3D / editing / vfx / etc.)
Soundgarden – Been Away Too Long
Soundgarden – Halfway There
Can – Vitamin C
Dillinger Escape Plan – Unretrofied
Dillinger Escape Plan – Panasonic Youth
Coal Chamber – IOU
Chiodos – Lexington
Saves The Day – The End
Enon – In This City
Isis – In Fiction
Chris Cornell – Patience
IIVII – Black Galaxy
Enslaved – Storm Son
Bee & Flower – I Know Your Name
Vattnet Viskar – Breath of the Almighty
IIVII – Painless
Underoath – It’s a Dangerous Business

lyric video

Director / Designer / Animator
Chris Cornell – Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart
Matt Cameron – Down the Middle
All Souls – Winds
Chris Cornell – When Bad Does Good
Matt Cameron – Time Can’t Wait
Jeff Angell – High Score
Nighttime Boogie Association – The Path We’re On
Benni James – Watch Me Disappear
Chris Cornell – Watching The Wheels

concert visuals

Reel Here – Director / Editor / Designer / Animator (various roles)
Jay-Z – Made In America (Willo Perron) – visuals created on-location
Jay-Z – Live in Hackney (Willo Perron)
Jay-Z – Magna Carter Tour (Willo Perron) – visuals created on-location
Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake Tour (Willo Perron)
Jay-Z – Barclays (Willo Perron)
Florence & The Machine – Brit Awards (Willo Perron)
Drake – Club Paradise Tour (Willo Perron)
Drake – Would You Like A Tour? (Willo Perron) – visuals created on-location
Soundgarden – NIN tour (Suspended In Light)
A Storm of Light – Anthroscene Tour (Suspended In Light)
IIVII – Various tours (Suspended In Light)
Dropkick Murphys – Various tours (Suspended In Light)
Foo Fighters – David Letterman (Moment Factory)
Beck – 360 tour (Moment Factory)
Madonna – Confessions tour (Veneno)


Watchmaker – Art Installation at NY Media Center IFP
Holocaust Museum LA – Upcoming donor wall design. Low resolution screen + IR Camera creates interactive light animations behind plastic cubes featuring individual donor names etched onto the cube faces. Body movement can highlight specific donor names. Collab with Brett Aronson.
Hard Rock Cafe – Installation Content Creative Director for Psycho Las Vegas music festival.