album art 

A quick selection work. These pieces range in approach and execution. 

A Storm of Light – Anthroscene / Sorxe / Neurosis are all 100% in-camera. Anthroscene used a live dove. A full room was built for Honor Found in Decay. Sorxe involved one hundred feet of safety fuse, photographed in extended shutter speed. 

Battle of Mice / Vattnet Viskar / IIVII / King Animal are mixtures of photography and compositing. 

Chris Cornell / Saliva / Alfredo Ovalles / Shrinebuilder are all in-computer. 

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Working across all budget levels is key these days. Larger artists allow almost endless experimentation with physical configurations, paper stocks, spot colors, metallics, foils etc. On the flip side, smaller artists are looking for a more professional presentation that can work with the confines of their budget. 


A very small selection.